One of the graphics features of many windows applications which we are probably most comfortable using is multiple document interface. I am a software developer constantly trying my hand on newer technologies. 

 These days i am evaluating WPF, Visual Studio .NET 2008 and Expression Blend(tool for creating XAML). WPF is especially a new concept for Visual Basic developers and they may find it a little difficult to understand in the beginning, but i am sure once they understand a few basic classes of the new framework they would love the new features.

Going through the web i found that there is a tremendous demand for a MDI Window feature with in WPF and it is not included with in the first version of it. I thought it would be a good exercise to try and learn WPF while constructing classes for MDI.

Studying through web I’ve found that we’ll need to understand the architecture and the very facade which lies at the base of Windows Presentation Framework. is a good start.

 Going through article i found that i need to understand the four basic elements that define the facade. They are

1. UIElement
2. ContentElement
3. FrameworkElement
4. FrameworkContentElement

Here is a sample code i’ve put together for supporting multiple windows.

The application uses animator library by Darren David. Use the following link to learn more about it:
link to Animator lib blog
Have a great time meanwhile.