It has been long since i was thinking of putting these controls on net. I’ve named it as Funky Tab Control. The control renders the Tab Header section on the left. The Header of the selected Tab Item moves upwards using Elastic In Out animation. The color also changes to red.

The content on the right also changes using a similar animation horizontally. The screen looks like:

Funky Tab Control


The controls can be used that same way as tab controls.
1. Add the reference to the Funky Controls assembly.
2. Add reference to your window/Page/User Controls lile

3. Create control like a tab control
<Grid x:Name=”LayoutRoot”>
            <ft:FunkyTabItem x:Name=”T1″ IsSelected=”True” Header=”T1″ >
                <TextBlock FontFamily=”Arial” FontSize=”48″ VerticalAlignment=”Center”
                           HorizontalAlignment=”Center”>Tab 1</TextBlock>
            <ft:FunkyTabItem x:Name=”T2″ Header=”T2″ >
            <ft:FunkyTabItem x:Name=”T3″ Header=”T3″ >

The link below allows you to download the sample:


Next in line should be Mac Style Dock skins for Menu controls in WPF….
Please feel free to share your thoughts on the blog.